Our Approach

Our approach while creating the brand ZONTOM shall be the simplest form of creating a brand for the people, by the people. We aim to have our retail chain of KIOSK's i.e. India's First Silicone Store across every 1 kilometer of radius on the Indian roads.

Our Story

We started as one of the first manufacturer in India for manufacturing Silicone Rubber Additives and MasterBatches. Understanding the scope of business in B2C segment in India we started with manufacturing of Consumer Goods with Silicone Rubber since 2014. After getting the success among few sectors, we now plan to spread our wings through the largest retail chain of KIOSK under the brand name ZONTOM, making it as INDIA's First Silicone Store to Stir Up a New Life!

Our Goal

Being the first in INDIA to take an initiative for manufacturing the largest variety of Silicone Products (MAKE IN INDIA), we have set our goals to reach the maximum consumers through our Online Store / Physical ZONTOM Stores / having presence in Multibrand Stores.


Silicone Elastomer, which is a 100% imported product for INDIA, we shave still taken an initiative to support the government initiative of MAKE IN INDIA by manufacturing a wide range of Silicone additives / inks / masterbatches / etc. as other raw material used in the manufacturing process along with a largest variety of consumer products from various categories.

Meet the Team

Let's meet the brain/s behind the brand ZONTOM


Co-Founder & CEO

An IDEA-MAN with more than 17 years of work experience in various business sectors. Believes in motto MAKING IT POSSIBLE

Pramod Thilakan

Co Founder & CFO

With over 30 years of works experience Pramod takes the pleasure in handling the finance of the company.

Nilesh Thakkar

Vice President

With more than 25 years of work experience managing the FMCG channel partners of various companies across India, Nilesh rules the market through his networking.

What's Next....

To know more about ZONTOM Franchise you can download the presentation.